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As the school’s new VLE is coming online, this blog will soon be discontinued. Thank you to all who have made this a lively learning environment over the past three years. I am also aware that students from other schools have been accessing the blog, and I hope it has been useful for you too. It will remain live for the next short while, but will be discontinued soon.


2 Wigmore Inca and Aztec links

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Use these links to help you to complete your homework for Friday. Find out two details about the Incas OR the Aztecs and/or two details (not already in your book) about the Spanish conquest of these empires.


“Horrible Histories” Angry Aztecs (Historical Masterchef)

More “Horrible Histories” Angry Aztecs

PBS website on Cortés

The Awesome Aztecs for Kids


Horrible Histories” Viedo on an Incan lord called Pachucuti

The Incredible Incas for Kids

History of the Incas

Short video on Pizarro


Caption Competition

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This week is History Week in the school! Along with all the various events going on in the school, we are holding a ‘Caption Competition’. To enter, simply comment on this post with a funny caption for the picture below. You can enter as many times as you like. The funniest caption wins a History T-Shirt*. You don’t have to give your name on the blog if you don’t want to – your initials and your class will do.


*T-Shirt is medium women’s size. It won’t arrive in the school for another two weeks at least.

History Week is coming very soon

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The History Department has decided to hold this year’s History Week in the school much earlier than last year. Much, much earlier… in fact, it will happen in less than three weeks, from 30th September – 4th October. Details will be posted here as plans are finalised, but we have already arranged for a few guest speakers, an exhibition in the library and will once again be calling on your help to arrange a temporary ‘History Museum’ in the library. There will be at least one actvity arranged for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Years, and for both History class groups in 5th and 6th Year.


1st Year students taking part in the ‘Dressing the Knight’ Workshop during last year’s History Week

The end is near…

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Welcome back! I hope everyone is settling in to the new school year without any problems. :)

I just wanted to make everyone aware that this blog will be discontinued before the end of the year. In line with school policy all subject blogs will be removed and will be replaced by the school’s own, more secure, VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). You will get more information on this as the school year progresses depending on what year you are in. It is going to be phased in during the year. The 5th Year History class group will be the first group to use it in the HIstory Department.

Since not all groups will gain access immediately, this blog will remain active during the phasing-in process, so I would encourage you all to continue to make use of it in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to the class of 2013!

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Congratulations on your results today! You have all worked very hard over the last two years and the excellent results today were well deserved. Enjoy your celebrations tonight and best of luck next year :)

For those of you who want to view your History script, I will be available to have a look at it with you on the Friday, but not the Saturday. Contact me by email ( if you want me to have a look at it with you.

Leaving Cert Exam



I hope the exam went well for you today. In my opinion it was a really nice paper, and I think all of you were well prepared for many of these questions. I think the documents question shouldn’t have caused you any problems; the Pursuit of Sovereignty topic gave you a great choice; the Northern Ireland topic had a few little surprises, but I’m sure you were all able to find something there to write about; the Dictatorship and Democracy topic also had some good questions.

Annie has already commented on the post below and tells me that many of you did Sinn Féin / education-health-housing / and Stalin. (…of course I didn’t need Annie to tell me most of you answered the question on Stalin! :) ) Did anyone answer any other questions? How do you feel it went? Were you happy with it overall?

SD :)

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